Apply for Financial Assistance

Welcome to The B.A.B.Y. Foundation. We understand the extreme emotional and financial stress a child’s illness can have on a family. Our mission is to provide financial assistance to medically under-insured families in Northern Colorado who have children with various health-related challenges.

Application Instructions

  1. If you are covered under Medicaid, your application will not be considered for assistance. You must have medical insurance to qualify for financial assistance through The B.A.B.Y. Foundation.
  2. Please note The B.A.B.Y. Foundation currently assists only families in Northern Colorado. This includes only Weld and Larimer Counties.
  3. Along with this completed application, please submit:
    1. Any current medical bills pertaining to your child’s medical condition for which you are asking assistance.
    2. Copies of all insurance cards.
  4. You may also submit any current outstanding utility bills that have gone unpaid due to your medical bill obligations.
  5. Medical bills that do not directly relate to your child’s medical condition will not be considered (e.g., well child visit, emergency room visit not related to your child’s condition, etc.).
  6. No credit card or other related bills will be paid unless directly related to the medical bills. A copy of the credit card statement will be required showing the medical transaction. A medical bill must accompany the credit card statement matching the amount paid.
  7. The B.A.B.Y Foundation does not pay the applicant directly. Any bills that are considered for payment are paid directly to the provider.

Your application will be reviewed at our monthly Board meeting. The B.A.B.Y. Foundation Application Liaison will work with you throughout the application and financial assistance process. If there is any missing information in your application, your application will be put on hold until all the information is received and the application is complete. Further, the Application Liaison will contact you regarding the status of your application within a week of the Board meeting. Please do not contact The McKee Foundation about your application, as they will not know the status.

Please use the enclosed check list as a guide to make sure your application is complete.

Thank You,

The B.A.B.Y. Foundation

Application Check List

  • Child Story Sheet
  • Medical History Information Sheet
  • Family Information Sheet
  • Parent/Guardian Employment Information Sheet
  • Medical Insurance Information Sheet
  • Financial Information Sheet
  • Financial Release Form
  • References Sheet
  • Promotional & Marketing Photograph Release
  • Copy of Medical Bills
  • Copy of outstanding utility bills
  • Copy of all insurance cards
  • Ensure all sheets are signed and dated