About Us

Our History

The B.A.B.Y. Foundation was formed in the spring in 2003 under the leadership of Dr. Michelle Soriano, a local obstetrician, and her husband, Kevin Kirchmar. An employee in Dr. Soriano’s office had a child with a disability, and, although they had health insurance, their medical bills were astounding. Dr. Soriano recognized that there was a gap in resources available for such families in our community. As a result, she and her husband founded The B.A.B.Y. Foundation to provide assistance and help fill those gaps.

Our Impact

Through fundraising events, we’ve provided thousands of dollars of assistance to many¬†Northern Colorado families in need.

Our Vision

We’ve only scratched the surface of providing assistance to our community. Health care costs continue to climb. As a result, we will double and redouble our efforts to help those in need. However, we can’t do this alone.

Funds Management

The B.A.B.Y. Foundation has a partnership with the McKee Medical Center Foundation which raises friends and funds for the health and wellness of our community. It serves as the B.A.B.Y. Foundation’s fiscal agent which means that the McKee Medical Center Foundation takes care of our book keeping and ensures that our funds are well managed. Thanks to the McKee Medical Center Foundation, no fees are charged for funds management. To learn more, visit: www.mckeefoundation.com